What is Canada eTA or Canada Visa Online

An electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or Canada Visa Online is a visa waiver program started by the Canadian Government for visa-exempt foreign countries to visit Canada. With a valid eTA (along with a passport) any traveler can enter Canadian territory. In other words, Canada eTA is necessary for travelers as it is electronically linked to the passport and the validation of this eTA is up to 5 years or until the expiry of the passport (it could be anything that comes first).

What is Canada eTA or Canada Visa Online

If any individual applies for a new passport, it is mandatory to get a new eTA. With the help of a valid eTA, anyone can travel around Canada and even stay there for up to six months. In addition, there is no need to apply for another eTA while traveling within Canada.

At the time of arriving at the border of Canada, one needs to show their other documents such as a passport, etc. along with Canada eTA to convince the officers that he/she is eligible for entry.

Instructions to apply for Canada eTA or Canada Visa Online

  • Choose only the official Government website of Canada to apply for eTA

It is extremely simple to complete the online registration process of eTA and it takes only a couple of minutes. You can get the approval of eTA within a few minutes via your registered email. However, most applicants need to wait for some days to complete the entire process. It depends on the submitted documents of the applicants.

To avoid further inconvenience, every applicant needs to register for a Canada Visa Online or eTA before booking the Canada flight. Further, the cost of eTA is CAD 7, and it is applicable for one person at a time.

At the time of filling out the form, an applicant needs their documents such as passport, email address, and credit card. Here, they must answer all the questions written on the eTA form to complete the process without any further obstructions.

  • Avoid the following mistake at the time of applying

Try to avoid entering the wrong password on the Canada eTA form. If an individual enters the wrong password on it, he/she will face issues to get entry into Canada. Therefore, try to enter the password in the correct and accurate form.

 For this purpose, always use the eTA help guide (PDF 1.62 MB) and follow all the written instructions. Also, applicants must use the passport number given at the top of the passport page.

  • Documents to bring to the Airport

After getting the approval from the team, your eTA will be linked to the passport. You must bring this eTA-linked passport to the airport to present it in front of the officers to check in on the Canada flight. After that, your passport will be scanned by the airline staff to confirm the validation of eTA. Here, if you do not have it, you may face various unusual problems to board your flight to Canada.

  • Always check the passport number

Before heading to the airport, check your passport number including Canada Visa Online or eTA to get hassle-free entry in the airport. You can match the passport number with the received approval email. If, here, you find your passport number and eTA do not co-relate with each other, it is a must for you to apply for a new eTA.

Who requires eTA or Canada Visa Online?

Travelers who require a valid eTA

  • An eTA is compulsory for all visa-exempt foreign countries to travel in Canada. After getting an eTA, they do not require an eTA to travel around Canada by bus, car, cruise ship, boat, or train.
  • Travelers who may also apply for eTA
  • Citizens of selected countries can apply for an eTA(instead of any visa) to enter Canada by air. However, they require a visitor visa if they visit Canada by bus, train, boat, etc.

Travelers who do not require eTA to visit Canada but need other identifications

  • Canadian citizens require their Canadian passports to visit the country.
  • Canadian citizens require their permanent resident card or other valid documents. Important note: PR, that is, Permanent resident status does not expire. If any individual lived in Canada, he/she could have permanent resident status.

Travelers who do not require Canada eTA or Canada Visa Online 

  • United States citizens do not require eTA and must have other documents such as a valid US passport, etc.
  • Lawful permanent citizens of the US who have valid status in the United States do not need to eTA requirements.
  • They must have their official status proof and a valid passport of their country.
  • Check out all the documents listed on the official website to know more.

Requirements to complete the eTA form

  • A valid passport
  • A valid email ID
  • Suitable payment method to pay the eTA payment of CAD 7 (non-refundable)
    • Master card, Visa, American Express,
    • A pre-paid visa, Master card,
    • Visa debit (Debit master card)
    • JCB Card or Union Pay

Disclaimer: This is not an official website of the Government of Canada. It is only our efforts to provide aspiring applicants with accurate and legitimate information regarding Canada Visa Online or Canada eTA.